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Joe Ross (Faculty Academic Advisor); home-page is here.
Sherree Kessler (Senior Academic Advisor); 979-458-5948;

RaeChel Superville (Academic Advisor); 979-845-7738;

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Department Policies and Degree Requirements for current students:
Read the Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Policies (full document, updated August 2018 is the current version).
Also helpful: Summary Slides from August 2020 orientation, focused on physics- and applied-physics degree requirements
Quick Summaries: required curricula for the Ph.D. degree and Applied Physics Ph.D. degree; Chart of Required Courses, PHYS and APHY, and chart of Astronomy PhD courses.

For regular Physics Ph.D.: Example 2-year Course Sequence.

Note: The Departmental Graduate Student Policies document specifies our required courses, rules for qualifiers, etc. Beyond this, the TAMU graduate catalog (link) lays out the general rules for the M.S. and Ph.D. curricula, such as total hours needed, and other University requirements for assembling a degree plan and staying in good standing as a grad student.

Prospective students:
Please visit the Departmental Admissions page

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