Course Requirements - TAMU Astronomy PhD
Course Astronomy Ph.D.
PHYS 615 3 hrs (A or B)
PHYS option courses * 3 hrs (A or B)
ASTR 601 3 hrs (A or B)
ASTR 602 3 hrs (A or B)
ASTR 603 3 hrs (A or B)
ASTR 604 3 hrs (A or B)
ASTR 605 3 hrs (A or B)
ASTR 606 3 hrs (A or B)
TOTAL Credit Hours 64 or 96
Notes: This list includes the basic required courses; in some cases additional courses are needed, for example specialized course(s) supporting a particular dissertation topic, based on consultation with research advisor and advisory committee. Research hours will make up all or most of the remaining hours in the degree plan, which altogether will total 64 or 96 hours depending on whether the PhD follows the MS or BS degree.
* "Option" courses: PHYS 601, 603, 606, or 607.